Levingston Technology

After years of operating & designing liftboats for the offshore vessel industry, Levingston has developed & patented multiple specialized technologies designed to increase the effecieny and robustness of mobile offshore vessels.

United States Patented leg-encircling-crane ("LEC")

The LEC is designed to function by working around the leg of the platform/deck, instead of working from a free standing pedestal. This offers more free space on the deck and allows the crane to rotate 360°.

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High-Speed, High-Capacity Jacking System

After years of proven operational experience and industry demands, Levingston has developed the most advanced high speed, high capacity liftboat Jacking System for self-elevating mobile offshore vessels. The ABS approved jacking system is designed specifically for the new era of self-elevating, mobile offshore vessels used in the offshore oil and gas industry, wind farm industry and other worldwide offshore markets.

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